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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


New Book of Stories - Saturday Night, Full Moon

A few months ago, my good friend and esteemed colleague, Yerachmiel Tilles of Ascent of Safed [Tzfat], released his first book of stories. For several years now, Yerachmiel sends out a weekly story from Ascent via e-mail. Many of these stories he's been sharing at Ascent on a Saturday night Melave Malka in Tzfat, for even more years. The stories run the gamut, from the days of the Arizal and his disciples in 16th Century Tzfat, to modern times, with much in between. While they cover mostly the Chassidic and Kabbalistic world, even that is not exclusively so. Several of his stories have graced this blog as well...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Above you see Yerachmiel sitting around the table at Ascent in Tzfat, no doubt in the middle of sharing another wonderful story!

You can order the book here, and you'll be delighted you did!

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