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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


On his "Mikdash Melech" recording, released around 1964, Reb Shlomo Carlebach had a tune called "Choneinu." Taken from the words of the Tachanun [supplication] prayer [and Tehillim 123:3], we entreat Hashem - "Choneinu, Hashem, Choneinu, ki rav savanu vuz - Be gracious unto us, Hashem, be gracious, because we have been satiated with contempt."

Someone has made a fantastic video slide show of the traumatic scenes our People are undergoing in these past few days, here - with this song as the background music.

Hat tip: Sultan Knish - thanks!

very nice blog and I'm glad the video is meaningfull to others too :)
when I was trying to put it together I went through a large number of songs looking for the right one, including dozens from rabbi carlebach but this one felt right
Thanks Sultan, for your sweet comments as well as your nice blog!
thank you and for your comments on my blog as well

my email is sultanknish@yahoo.com and I would appreciate a copy of that kina you mentioned
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