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Sunday, August 21, 2005


As I've asked many of my colleagues, what would Reb Shlomo Carlebach be doing tonight? The answer is a simple one - he'd be going from hotel to hotel, in whatever town he was in, to cheer up our exiled brethren of Gush Katif. I'm on my way over to one of the Shalom Hotel in Yerushalayim right now.

In addition, tonight Aharon Razel is playing in Kikar Safra [Square], and Chaim Dovid Sarachik at the Hyatt Hotel. If anybody else is anywhere close to our exiled brethren, please join our efforts!!!

We arrived at the Shalom Hotel on Motzash, but our guitarist didn't show. In any case, the children were occupied with a cartoon movie, and the adults looked quite absorbed with the various friends and relatives who had come to visit them. The Shalom is also a distribution center for the needs of our exiled brethren.

However, Kikar Safra sang and danced well into the night. I'm told that after the amplified music ended at midnight, there was kumzitz till about 1:30 am. For some nice pictures of this, see this. And thanks, Joe Settler!

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