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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


As of this evening, the latest status of the Modzitzer Rebbe Shlita:
There has been some slow and steady improvement, and the doctors are pleased with it so far. The Rebbe Shlita is still unconscious, but responds to sounds and requests to some degree. He is moving his right arm and leg, and apparently has moved his left fingers somewhat as well - but we don't know if these were all done "randomly," or in response to doctor's requests. They have reason to hope that he will actually "come to" over the next couple of days. All things considered, the Rebbe Shlita still needs Rachamei Shamayim Merubim [much Heavenly Mercy], and we should all continue to daven for: Rebbe Yisrael Dan ben Rivka Zlata for a refua shleima - a full recovery.

To complete this update, this was received this afternoon:
The situation is stable, with slow, small improvements. There's no significant change in the Rebbe Shlita's health over the past day - a little bit of movement in the right limbs, but he has yet to "wake up". He has been off sedation since Sunday, so it will probably still take some time for that. On Shabbos, he did respond to hearing some of the Chassidim singing near his room, and we all daven that HaKadosh Baruch Hu should allow those tears, along with the tears of countless others, to be me'orer Rachamei Shamayim Merubim - [to arouse much Heavenly Mercy].

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