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Monday, September 19, 2005


1. The Modzitzer Rebbe Shlita has been hospitalized (Ichilov Hospital in Tel-Aviv), after collapsing Sunday morning. (He has since regained consciousness).
Please daven [pray] for YISRAEL DAN ben RIVKA ZLATA, for a full recovery!!!
After davening yesterday at the Kotel [Western Wall], the Chassidim will be davening for him in his Beis Medrash at 20 Habakuk Street, Bnei Brak, at 8:30 pm tonight.

To the post [directly below] about the Cherkassy Rebbe and Twerski niggunim. Hopefully, I will be updating and completing this post this week. Watch this space! Meanwhile, we'll enjoy seeing your comments!

3. RAV KOOK - a. A handwritten manuscript of a new poem of his was just recovered [link is in Hebrew, if there's a translation of this later, I will post it].
b. Read about his blowing of the Shofar in Elul.

is this the correct name

ישראל דן בן רבקה זלאטע

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