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Monday, November 21, 2005


1. The Rebbe Shlita is still hospitalized at Ichilov Hospital, Tel-Aviv. There has been slow and steady progress in his condition, and noticeable improvement in his breathing and awareness. However, the condition is still very serious - he recently developed a high fever.
Our tefillos [prayers] are still needed urgently. Please continue to daven [pray] for his full and speedy refua shleima [recovery]. Please daven for Rebbe Yisrael Dan ben Rivka Zlata
ישראל דן בן רבקה זלאטא
along with all other Jews who are in poor health, and may each one merit a speedy and complete recovery.

2. The Hirhurim piece on "Yankel Radio" is up to 30 comments, including another one from yours truly.

3. Thanks again to Blog in Dm and Hirhurim, I found this link page for Niggunim, including those of Bobov, Breslov, Chabad and Modzitz. Especially interesting is the link for Chabad online streaming radio. Try it, you might find it better than JM in the AM or Five Towns Radio!
[Note: I do not necessarily endorse the rest of the website that has the links...]

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