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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


These are really great - some of the best MUSIC videos I've found on the Web!

1. Our good friend in the Blogosphere, A Simple Jew, was kind enough to send me this link of a wonderful 28-minute movie, a Steven Spielberg project entitled: "A People and Its Music - Hassidic Music." While it has a definite Chabad orientation, it also features the music of Belz, Breslov, Kalev, and, at about 10-1/2 minutes into the film, a scene from the Modzitzer Rebbe's grandson's Bar Mitzva celebration in Tel-Aviv. Stories of several niggunim are presented, including the Chabad "Shamil" tune and "Napoleon's March," and the Kalever's adaptation of a shepherd's song. Singing of niggunim on holidays [Purim] and at weddings are also featured. Made in 1994, this is a wonderful, wonderful film. Thanks so much, Simple!
Other films featured in the Jewish Communites section include ones on the Music of Ashkenzic Jewry [Yiddish, Klezmer], Ladino, Israeli music, an Italian composer, Teiman [Yemen], Morocco, and "ethnic" music of seven different groups.

2. Many people are familiar with Reb Shlomo Carlebach's second Mimkomcha niggun. But much less known is his first Mimkomcha, which is a much richer and complex niggun, from the HaNeshama Lach album [his first, 1959]. It is very much in the style that he absorbed from Rebbe Shaul of Modzitz.
Even more rare is to see a live performance of this tune - something I was unaware of, until I saw this video, in Quicktime. The video is about 5 mins. long, performed at Woodlake in 1990. Approx. size - 11 MB. Anyone who can identify the "Mimkomcha Brothers" in the video, please post their names in the comments section, thanks!
Hat tip: Shaya Rothenberg's Jewish Music and More page, thanks!

3. Finally, some highlights of the Reb Shlomo yahrzeit concert held at Binyanei HaUma in Yerushalayim were recorded by Arutz Sheva, at Yoni Kempinski's English TV program, "Israeli Salad." The video is some 18 minutes long, and has other items on it. The clip on Reb Shlomo and the concert appears just under 8 minutes into the video, and goes for about 7-1/2 minutes, till about 15-1/2 minutes in. You can also download the video from this page.

L-R Meir Gross, Sammy Trencher,Dr. sol Neuhoff & Tzvi Roth a"h.
AKA Sasregaen mens choir
Thanks anon, for the revelation! Is this the Sasregaen Shul from Flatbush?
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