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Thursday, January 19, 2006


From our friend Lazer Brody at Lazer Beams, a great eitza [piece of advice] if you're stuck in your Hisbodedus. The advice:

Don't fret; here's what to do when the words don't come - sing out a niggun!* A niggun (melody) uplifts the soul, puts wings on your heart, and breaks the grip of the vise that the Yetzer [the evil inclination] has clamped on your mouth (the last thing he wants you to do is to talk to Hashem!). After singing a niggun for a few warm-up minutes, the words of personal prayer and love for Hashem will flow forth like a fountain.

*THE LINKED niggun is none other than Chaim Dovid's "Ya-ma-mai"!

Thanks, Lazer! (The full article is here).

It was the music and dancing that brought me to religion.
It's true! The power of a niggun to free you from what holds you back is incredible!
Yes, MC Aryeh & Batya, more on this coming soon in today's post, IY"H'!
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