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Sunday, February 12, 2006


A number of years ago, the Modzitzer Rebbe Shlita, may he be well, composed a lively niggun to [a paraphrase of] the words of the Gemara [Taanis 5b-6a]:

Ilan, ilan, ilan, bameh avarechecha – Tree, O tree, with what can I bless you?
Peirosecha mesukim, tzilcha naeh, amas hamayim overess tachtecha – that your fruits should be sweet, your shade pleasant, that a stream should flow beneath you?
[But you (this tree) have all those qualities, therefore:]
Ela, yehi ratzon she’kol netiosecha yihiyu kamos’cha – But, may it be His will that all of your offspring should be like you!

The Rebbe Shlita composed it in honor of a grandson’s Bar Mitzva. It quickly caught on amongst the Chassidim, and has been used as a lively dance tune ever since.

This can be heard on an interesting recording which I call, “Modzitz Lite.” It’s the Duo Reim’s recording of some Modzitz niggunim, the very first track.


Eitz Chaim Hee – the Tree Song. This is a lovely heart-rending ballad composed by Reb Michel Twerski, found on a 3-tape set called,
The Melave Malka Experience
with Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski and Rabbi Michel Twerski

from the Beth Jehudah website:
This cassette series is the first of its kind. Rabbi Avraham J. and Rabbi Michel Twerski share the golden moments of Melave Malka through story and song. Narratives recounting inspiring chapters in the lives of the great Masters of Torah and Chassidus, are passed on to you through the rich Twerski tradition. These timeless vignettes carry the listener to an exalted plane, where joined with giants of the spirit, one soars to a world of the transcendent and the wondrous, a real, in which all thing become possible. This new offering represents a rare opportunity to be swept up in the warmth of a magnificent family tradition.

In addition to the anecdotes, these cassettes feature music composed and written by Rabbi Michel Twerski. His compositions are sung by Jews throughout the world. Enjoy and reflect upon four stirring ballads written in the vernacular. "The Tree," "The Forest," "The Old Man," and "The Child Within," as well as two deeply moving Yiddish niggunim, "A Guten Shabbos," and "Karev Yom." These recordings will enable you to capture the Melave Malka flavor and savor it throughout the week.

An enjoyable Tu B'Shvat to one and all! Posted by Picasa

Mona Rosenblum edits a weekly column in the hebrew Hamodia entitled '"HANIGUN HAYEHUDI". Last weeks article discussed the famous Pittsburg nigun-" Ilan Ilan" and the
backround to this nigun.I just noticed that the article has been translated,and has been printed in this weeks english Hamodia
Other Ilan niggunim of note

1)Aish (Abie Rottenerg & Shlomo Simcha)volume one

2)the new album of Nigunei Beis Kretchnif-v'ata sishma-composed by Rav Pinchas Scheinberger

and of course the classic Eitz Chayim Hee composed by Tanchum Pourtnoy-Tanchumin volume one
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