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Monday, March 13, 2006


Sorry I haven’t gotten around to posting this earlier, but here goes:

Of course, for me, Modzitz leads the way with their very famous Shoshanas Yaakov. A brief description, from the original liner notes: “The traditional Purim spirit of merriment and joviality dominate this delightful piece of music, composed by Rebbe Shaul in 1920. It reaches its highest point of mirth and satire towards the finale, where the words, “v’gam Charvona zachor latov [and may Charvona also be remembered for the good”] are recited both backwards and forwards.

Actually, there are at least four Modzitzer Shoshanas Yaakovs. Besides the above famous one by Rebbe Shaul, there’s one by his son, the Imrei Aish, his grandson, the Rebbe Shlita, and one by Reb Ben Zion Shenker.

In addition, there’s a recording of an early Modzitz Chassid, R. Kaufman-Yidel Eidelson, of a “Purim-dik Mazurka.” He was “a fervent Chassid and noted menagen of pre-war days.” He is probably best known for the famous Modzitz “Ein Kitzva”, although there are numerous Modzitz niggunim that were set to those words. [As mentioned earlier, this is one of the sections for which the Rebbes compose a new niggun each year]. Again, from the original liner notes: “This melody without words, rendered instrumentally…is utterly charming. It is called Purim-dik being mainly played or sung on the merry holiday of Purim. It has a bouncing tempo of 6/8…”

Reb Shlomo Carlebach has many tunes for “Teshuasam Hayisa LaNetzach,” which is actually part of Shoshanas Yaakov. The first one is here, track 9.
This next one, although it appears on his daughter’s album, was sung by Reb Shlomo alone. It’s also called the “Tenoyem Niggun,” track 9.
The same tune can be heard here, sung by Yisroel Travis, track 9.
Reb Shlomo also used to sing the Shoshanas to his Ata Echad, track 8.
And he also composed a niggun to Utzu Eitza. Many of these were never officially recorded and thus are not so well known.

Chabad has there share of Purim niggunim too. Here’s a Shoshanas Yaakov from the Chassidim of the Alter Rebbe; while here’s one from R. Shalom Charitonow, the Shochet of Nikolayev.

And they also have a rare setting of the first verse of the Megilla, “Vayehi Bimei Achashverosh”.

You can also see a vintage black-and-white video of Utzu Eitza sung at the Lubavitch Rebbe’s farbrenghen in 1971.

I have even found a Breslov rendition of Shoshanas Yaakov by Yaacov Klein.

Check out Aish HaTorah’s Purim music page, which features Rebbe Alter and Pirchei Purim, courtesy of Galpaz, singing the traditional Mishenichnas, Shoshanas Yaakov, Chag Purim, Kacha Yayaseh, Al HaNissim, V’Nahafoch Hu, Layehudim Haysa Ora, U’Mordechai Yatza, Chayav Inish, and Utzu Eitza.

As on Chanuka, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Library has a Purim music page. Of special interest there is a Vishnitz Shoshanas Yaakov recorded at a Tish in Bnei Brak, 1997;
and the famous Skulener niggun, LaYehudim Haysa Ora, which was recorded at a Chasuna in Adar of 1988.

A very Freilich [joyous] Purim to all!!! Please send in more links, if you find them!

thanks. a freilichin' purim. the HU linl does not work.
Is that a picture of you Yitz?
Anon - Just checked, and it works. Someone else e-mailed me that the Modzitz Shoshanas Yaakov link didn't work, but I checked & that one works too. Please try again.

ASJ - guess who???
that "menorah" was polished lekovod purim, nice shot
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