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Monday, May 29, 2006


Norma conducting her Orchestra at a Concert on Long Island

Norma [just right of center] with her Orchestra Posted by Picasa

Tonight and tomorrow, the 3rd of Sivan, is the yahrzeit of my father's sister, my dear Aunt Norma, who passed away 16 years ago. She was never married, and was deeply attached to her nephews - my brother and I, and my cousins. She was always very warm and loving to us, and treated us very kindly.

After beginning her musical career working for Angel Records, a company that dealt mainly with classical music, she later moved from Manhattan to Long Island, where she ran an antique store, "The Blue Door." But her love for music never ceased, and she went on to become an amateur conductor of classical music, one of the first women in America to do so. The pictures above, which are quite old, are scans of pictures taken at an outdoor concert she gave on Long Island which I was privileged to attend.

Aside from inheriting part of her huge music collection, I feel blessed with a small amount of her musical talent as well...

May her memory be for a blessing - Tehi zichra baruch!

How special.
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