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Thursday, May 25, 2006


from an interview with Ben Bresky of Arutz 7:

"Hashem wants you to sing, and He opens the mouth and He sings the song. You are just the pipe. When you know this point, it's not dangerous for you. You are not confused. You do not become crazy with drugs and Jimi Hendrix and blah. Because you know that you are nothing."

"Every man has a song that must be taken from him. Everyone's got a song that's theirs. Their souls are only able to approach G-d through their specific song. Only songs will give them the openness of the mind [through which] they can see the world. There's less opposition to a song than to a lecture. Music with good words, it can change the mind of the man. To write a song to Hashem, this is my job in the world. I feel it."

The interview is summarized here.
You can also listen to the full interview here.

so awesome that you quote the interview! if you want the audio, email me at bbresky@israelnationalradio.com
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