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Thursday, June 15, 2006


CIRCUS TENT - "The Chassidic Niggun as Sung by the Chassidim"

CIRCUS TENT - צירק געצעלט: זאגט א ניגון

Our friend Hirschel Tzig at his Circus Tent has a post about a new recording of "The Chassidic Niggun as Sung by the Chassidim," with several RealAudio links including niggunim of Rizhin, Vizhnitz, Chabad and a niggun of the Maggid of Mezritch known to [and probably sung by] Breslov Chassidim. Enjoy!

Do you recommend it as well, Yitz?
I only listened to the Maggid's dance niggun, which sounded pretty good to me. I don't have the recording, but I would suggest that you [and other readers of this blog] check out the links on Hirschel's page, & if you like the tunes, by all means go out and buy the disk!
Thanks for the plug.
Thanks for the niggun links,
from Chasmal
at StoneFlower Kabbalah
Hag Samaeach!
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