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Friday, July 07, 2006



Yes, I'm still here, although I've been a bit busy with the new Modzitz-Yahoo website.
This coming week – Sunday through Wednesday, is the annual Klezmer Festival in Tzfas, Northern Israel. The festival has evolved from pure Klezmer music, to an array of some of the best musicians from Israel and abroad.
The Klezmer performers include Musa Berlin, Giora Feidman, Yisrael Zohar, Bernie Marinbach, and Chanan Bar-Sela. Among the other musicians are [of course] Simply Tzfat, Aharon Razel, Adi Ran, Sinai Tor, Shlomo Gronich and Rav Yehuda Wasserman.
This is excerpted from an e-mail from a friend in Tzfas:
For all my holy neighbors in Eretz Yisrael, enjoy the music! Here’s the English schedule for Klezmer Festival. Only the graphics header is in Hebrew. To print it, set your printer to landscape because it is too wide to fit on A4 [or Letter] paper. Am Yisrael needs some soothing for our newest pain. May the music be balm for our wounded nefesh [soul].
But for me, the highlight of the festival is the non-stop Carlebach music at the Beirav Shul [or e-mail], in the Old City of Tzfas.
This attached poster has it all…

[click here for larger version]

Isn't it usually after 9 Av?
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