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Tuesday, December 05, 2006



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This is so hot that my fingers can hardly touch the keyboard! A new disk from the Modzitz Musical Heritage Machon has just been released. The disk contains all ten niggunim composed this year by the Rebbe Shlita for the Yamim Noraim (High Holidays). This "internal" disk, not for regular commercial distribution, features a Modzitzer choir ["Capella"] of men and boys, and high-level musical accompaniment, making it a near-studio quality production. It should be noted that at the Yahrzeit Tish on Sunday, some 150 copies of this disk were sold.

While not giving a full review, I want to share some more information about this disk. As we mentioned, the Modzitzer Rebbes compose several new niggunim every year for the Yamim Noraim. Recently, two of these, usually a Kaddish and Slach Nah, are introduced at the first night of Selichos. Then on Rosh Hashana, several additional niggunim are introduced: Mechalkel Chaim, Simcha L'Artzecha, Kadsheinu B'Mitzvosecha, Areshes Sfaseinu, and others. [Sometimes another niggun or two is introduced for Yom Kippur as well]. This year, although the new Rebbe Shlita is in mourning, we were graced with ten new niggunim. In fact, one of them the Rebbe Shlita composed on Rosh Hashana itself, and introduced it to the Chassidim at the Tish on the second day of Yom Tov.

So briefly, this disk has ten niggunim, some of which are lively dance tunes [Kaddish, Simcha L'Artzecha, Kadsheinu, V'Havieinu]; others are dveykusdik [Slach Nah, Mechalkel Chaim]; waltzes [Areshes, Halleluka]; and one long Tish niggun Heyei Im Pifiyos, which is beautifully sung for close to twelve minutes! Most of the other tunes are 3-1/2 to five minutes each. The choir harmonizes beautifully, and the musical accompaniment is very tastefully blended with the singing. The disk is about one hour of pure listening pleasure!

Those in Israel who wish to purchase copies of this unique and highly enjoyable disk can contact R. Yitzchak Krimelovsky at telephone 052-764-1308. The disk will be sold in the Diaspora as well. I can help facilitate your order if you e-mail me your name, address and phone number. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this disk, once you have listened to it, either in the comments section or by e-mail.

A non-Modzitzer mashgiach in a well-known Yeshiva in Bnei Brak was totally enraptured by the disk! He played it over and over, and can't get over the niggunim.
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