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Tuesday, January 23, 2007



Me? A Winner???

Award Winner

I don't really understand, but I was nominated [thanks, Batya!] for "Best Jewish Culture Blog," and here are the results:

Emes Ve-Emunah
Nominee (Winner in other category) - 4.31

Heichal HaNegina
Gold Winner - 4.29

The Fly Fishing Rabbi
Nominee (Winner in other category) - 4.13

Silver Winner - 3.61

Blog in Dm
Bronze Winner - 3.59

I think it's really a quirk in the system, in that you could have a very small amount of votes, but win because your average "rating" was high. I guess that's a vote for quality [of posts] rather than quantity [of readership], which just might keep this blog going! Thanks!

mazal tov :) from one (dotted) yitz to another.

ps. perhaps if you know of a hillulah/yarzheit but are not going to post about it, perhaps you could post anyways, just to tell us it's happening..

right now i try to stay on top of whose hillulah it is between nehora.com and a couple of other places incl. your blog being the most informative one.. it would be nice if i didn't have to collate.. but i guess i'm just being lazy :)
Congratulations, Yitz!
You're also a partner in my Shiloh Musings bronze for "Best Slice of Life in Israel Blog."
congratulations, I just got an email telling me I won for best news blog which was pretty startling to me too
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