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Monday, February 05, 2007


Song - Soul Transportation

A great Dvar Torah / essay, by R. Simon Jacobson, at his Meaningful Life website.

"The only way a soul can move about is through a song. Without song the soul remains stuck in one place.
In the Holy Temple in Jerusalem there were fifteen steps corresponding to the fifteen Shir HaMaalos (Songs of ascent) in the Book of Psalms [Tehillim] (120-135), which the Levites would sing as they stood on the steps. In order to climb from one step to the next a song had to be sung...
...in the spiritually intact Holy Temple, where spirit met matter and the physical was seamlessly aligned with its inner purpose, you simply could not move from one step to the next unless your soul was lifted through song."
Read the whole article here.

Very nice! Thank you for sharing that, Yitz.
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