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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Oy Rebbe! Our Father, Our Friend!

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since the Modzitzer Rebbe Ztvk"l, Rebbe Yisrael Dan [now known to Modzitzers as the "Nachalas Dan"] passed away. This Shabbos in Modzitz is a "yahrzeit Shabbos" and Tuesday evening and Wednesday is the actual yahrzeit. Details follow:
This Shabbos, Parshas B'Ha'aloscha will be the "Shabbos Yahrzeit" of the previous Modzitzer Rebbe, the Nachalas Dan, ztvk"l. Most everyone connected with Modzitz, as well as others who had a closer personal relationship with the Rebbe ztvk"l, will gather at the main Beis Medrash in Bnei Brak [20 Rechov Habakuk] for the Tefillos, Seudos and Tishim with the Rebbe Shlita.
On the following Tuesday night, the beginning of the yahrzeit itself, the Rebbe Shlita will lead a Tish, right after Ma'ariv (which is at 8:30 pm).
Wednesday will be a "Yom Shekulo Torah", starting from Shacharis at 8:00 am, with Shiurim [Torah lessons] throughout the morning and early afternoon. The Rebbe Shlita will give the main Shiur at 12:30 pm on the topic of "Esrog during the Shmita Year".
At 3:30 pm, buses will leave Bnei Brak for Yerushalayim, where we will all go up to Har HaZeisim [Mount of Olives] to the Tziyun [gravesite] of the Nachalas Dan Ztvk"l at 4:45 pm. Mincha will follow at the Kosel at 5:30 pm.
Join us in this memorable series of events, as we finish the painful year since the Rebbe Ztvk"l's passing, and use the opportunity to mark the directions of Modzitz's future growth.

It is ridiculous that Shmita brings huge income to Israeli enemies in Gaza and the Palestinian territories. Whatever are the religious overtones, they cannot excuse purchases from HAMAS voters. What do you think of Obadiah Shoher interpretating Shmita as charity obligation rather than agricultural rule? (Here, for example http://samsonblinded.org/blog/shmita-year-is-about-charity-not-agriculture.htm ) Anyway, I'll better buy from atheist kibbutzim than from Gaza.
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