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Friday, July 27, 2007


Quote of the Week - from Reb Lazer

From our good friend, Rabbi Lazer Brody:

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov says (Likutei Moharan II:104) that the most important divine service of a Jew is that which is done in simplicity and innocence. Particularly, Hashem takes indescribable pleasure in the zemiros, the singing of a Jew on his Shabbos table.
If I'm not mistaken, a Jew's singing of praises on the Sabbath is what makes the Sabbath, just like the King's nightingales in our parable are what really made the royal gardens. Therefore, we have the power to "make the Sabbath" by singing our praises to Hashem on the Sabbath table. May Hashem help us to sing our way to a day of endless Sabbath, the full redemption of our people Israel, speedily and in our time, amen.

You can read the whole piece here.

Sholom aleychem!

That's A Yid from "A Simple Jew". Someone asked me a question about music, and I assumed you might know some sources.

There is a general prohibition (made by Chaza"l) against using music.

"Shulchon Oruch" brings it like this:

שו"ע או"ח תקס, ג
וכן גזרו שלא לנגן בכלי שיר וכל מיני זמר וכל משמיעי קול של שיר לשמח בהם

I've heared once, that this means using music for entertainment, but this never include using music for avoydas Hashem besimcho.

May be you know (or can find out?) where poyskim bring this issue saying that this never include using music for avoydas Hashem besimcho?

(Today poyskim mater somehow even music for entertainment as a measure against depression, but this is not the point here).

A sheynem dank!
A gutn!

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