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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The Hornosteipler's Heartsong

As we are leaving the Rebbe Reb Zusia's yahrzeit, I would like to present a niggun of one of his direct descendants, Rebbe Mordechai DovBer Twerski Shlita, the Hornosteipel Rebbe. Now living in Flatbush, NY, the Rebbe journeyed back to his native Denver last fall, where he spent a Shabbos and had a Melave Malka. Thanks to a young man known as "Feivel Jay 770," we can now view seven clips from this Melave Malka on YouTube.

The above [Clip 3] is a lesser-known niggun of the Rebbe's, known as "Heartsong." The other clips are as follows:

Clip 1 - V'Ha'arev Na, a waltz [aka Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim]

Clip 2 - The Milwaukee March - composed by R. Michel Twerski Shlita

Clip 4 - Hishbati - composed by his father, Rebbe Shloime ZTvK"L

Clip 5 - The Denver March - composed together with his father.

Clip 6 - Lo Amus...Pis'chu Li - also from the Rebbe Shloime ZTvK"L

Psalm 126 - Shir HaMaalos, to the tune of V'Ha'arev Na.

I hope to be posting more interesting clips of Negina in the future. Stay tuned!

I just discovered your inspirational blog and was delighted to see that you posted links to the clips of the niggunim of the Rebbe I recorded and posted on YouTube. Thanks to you, I will now go back to my videos and write the names of the niggunim, which I previously didn't know. Many thanks.

-Feivel Yosef Leventhal
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