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Thursday, April 17, 2008



Who else but Andy Statman could do this??? I personally like the way we sing it with the Rebbe Shlita at the Tish, but this performance of a Modzitz Tish niggun, in Nashville, Tennessee of all places, is awesome! By the way, Andy is a regular at the Modzitz Shtibel in Flatbush, NY!

Enjoy and Chag Sameach!!!

What a great video. Statman is amazing. Thank's for posting it. Do you know if he's recorded this melody, or any other Modzitzer melodies?
Hi, Jack, and thanks for linking to this post! I don't think he's done this one on his albums, but he's recorded two Modzitz niggunim that I know of. One is a dveykus niggunim from Rebbe Shaul on his "Avodas HaLevi" album. The other is a tantz [dance] niggun from the Nachalas Dan [the previous Rebbe], on his "Awakening from Above" album. You can here sample clips of these on his website.
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