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Tuesday, April 01, 2008



Yes, I'm still here, even though I haven't posted in about a month. I've been super-busy at work, Baruch Hashem, plus I've done some posting over at Shiloh Musings, and on an anonymous Hebrew Carlebach forum.


I'm seriously considering changing my blogging style. I'd like to post more videos, perhaps some audio files too, and some short, pithy sayings from our Sages and Gedolim about Negina.

Any feedback would be more than welcome -- it's very necessary for me to keep on going here. Perhaps I'll try to post some longer pieces too, time and response permitting...

A wise man once said If it aint broke dont fix it.
it's good to play w/ the format.. to my mind, it's better to post small things regularly than to post long things once or twice a month..

i had a more general question though.. do you know of specific Torahs that equate the shoresh of the word shir, and rulership, like sar or s'rara..? I know the Zohar (beginning of Bereishith) basically describes how the nigun drives everything else in the world.. but I was wondering if anyone explains that HaShem specifically runs/rules the world via song??

hodesh tov!
Anon, Thanks for your feedback. I think that dotted yitz..'s first sentence answers your comment.
yitz.. I haven't looked into it. I DO know that the Tikkunei Zohar, which deals with the word "Breishis" has as one of its permutations: Ta'av Shir, that Hashem desired Song when He created the world...
I agree with Dotted Yitz's opinion about regular posting of smaller things.
I would love to see more video and audio files!
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