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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Y'hei Sh'lama Rabba…an Outstanding Niggun!

We’ve previously mentioned that the Modzitzer Rebbes throughout the generations have been composing a dozen or more niggunim each year for the Elul-Tishrei-Yamim Noraim [High Holyday] season. The present Rebbe Shlita is no exception, and he composed exactly twelve niggunim this year. Both he and his father, the Nachalas Dan Ztvk"l, have been introducing two of these, Kaddish and Slach Nah, each year on the first night of Selichos in Elul.

The remainder of the niggunim are usually introduced on the two days of Rosh Hashana, except occasionally a new niggun or two is introduced on Yom Kippur [often, Ki Anu Amecha]. [There are often more niggunim composed during the rest of the year, usually for Simchos and Chagim-festivals].

In terms of the types of niggunim, this year’s dozen was actually a very typical one. Thus, there were four joyful dance tunes - Kaddish, Kadsheinu, Simcha L'Artzecha and Rikud-Ki Anu Amecha; three waltzes - Areshes S'faseinu, Hayom Haras Olam, and Hallelukah [from Musaf]; two marches - V'yesayu and Ein Kitzva; two dveykus niggunim - Slach Nah and Mechalkeil Chaim; and a lengthier "Tish" niggun, Heyei Im Pifiyos. As they did last year, the Modzitz choir recorded the niggunim in a studio, accompanied by a keyboard artist, and released it on a disk which has been sold at the Rebbe Shlita's Beis Medrash. [Those desiring a copy can e-mail me for info].

Usually, one of the joyful dance tunes becomes the "hit" of the year. Although they may all be excellent compositions, somehow one of them stands out as the niggun - for enthusiastic dancing, whether it be on Simchas Torah, at a wedding or other Simcha, or at the end of a Friday night Tish. Last year, for example, it was Simcha L'Artzecha.

This year's was clearly the Kaddish tune, which has been renamed "Y'hei Sh'lama Rabba" by many, as these words are always sung to the penultimate part, along with the words "Oseh Shalom" to the last part [whereas the first two parts are often sung wordless]. So without further ado, let’s see how it was sung at a Tish in Kislev, on the yahrzeit of the Divrei Yisrael, the first Modzitzer Rebbe.

[Please note: this is far from a professional video, and leaves much to be desired, but one still can get a small taste of a Modzitz Tish, and of this niggun].


very hartzig!
Wonderful. Thanks.
Anon/s: Thanks to both [?] of you for stopping by, & for your encouragement!
without BZ Shenker nothing sounds right....
Hirsheleh, You obviously haven't heard the recent disks of the Modzitz choir singing the Rebbe Shlita's new niggunim, last year's [5767] as well as this year's [5768]. They harmonize beautifully, & the head of the choir has a magnificent voice. He is the one entrusted by the present Rebbe Shlita, as well as his father, the Nachalas Dan Ztvk"l, to give over the niggunim to the choir.
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