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Sunday, June 01, 2008



In honor of Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day #41, I’d like to present the follow video. I have transcribed the words below as well…

There’s still a little bit [of] the smoke of Auschwitz sometimes, especially in the Holy Land. Friends, there’s some people who would like to blow the gas of Auschwitz towards the Holy Land, don’t kid yourself! We have to be strong, strong on our feet. Friends, I want you to yell, "Am Yisrael Chai!" Israel is living, the Land is living, the Land is our Land, Jerusalem is our City!

I want you to know, beautiful friends, and I’m not talking now [of] political peace, I’m talking about - a Jew should know where it’s at. I want you to know that G-d gave the Land to Abraham, when G-d says to Abraham, "Walk around in the Land, this is the Land I am giving you." It’s our Land! IT IS OUR LAND! Gevald, it is our Land!

Do you know, every inch of the Land is full of [the] blood of our holy soldiers. Do you think they gave their lives so that afterwards we should spit at them and just say, "Ah, I’ll trade it in for a few million rubles that Brother Clinton will give us"? No, 100 percent NOT!

Friends, I want us to stand on our feet and yell, "Am Yisrael Chai!" Israel is living, forever! The Land is ours forever! And it’s the land of our children, of our grandchildren, and nobody can take it away from us!!!

Od Avinu Chai…Am Yisrael Chai…

Great video. Thanks for posting this!

-Dixie Yid
Yasher Koach!
Thanks Dix & Akiva for your kind words!
nothing like him

Isn't it strange how the most popular rebbes are dead?
re shlomo video

sorry, but please!!!! the creepy music is atzvut!!! it is depressing!!! and it is not appropriate to start with a scene from auchwitz and go to jerusalem. yes, it's true we came from the ashes...but the way the sounda and images are used here are atzvut!
they do NOT uplift the soul. the stuff is creepy. that string music is so bad.
reb shlomo's message is powerful and necessary. no music is needed no pictures of hell is needed.

just show yerushalayim with his voice. for the sake of H" and israel, please change this creepy, depressing video!

we have enough problems with jews feeling like defecting because of the overwhelming sadness from the shoah and this video, the way it's done is part of the problem!!!!!!!!
please fix it.
Inspirational find!

Cathars (from London)
Would you consider a link?

Like your info about Rebbe Twerski especially the quote about 'What am I doing?' and I was looking up Rabbi Levi of Berdichev's Kedushas Levi...

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