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Monday, February 12, 2007


The Modzitzer Rebbe Shlita’s Visit to America

Because of its importance, this post will remain on top for a while… It may be updated from time to time as well, so please keep checking it.

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From February 8-25, the Modzitzer Rebbe Shlita will be making his first U.S. visit since becoming Rebbe. Since the passing of his father - the Nachalas Dan Ztvk”l in Sivan, the Rebbe has taken great strides in strengthening the Chassidus and reaching out to Jews interested in the Torah and Negina that is so uniquely Modzitz. Now, the Rebbe Shlita will be coming to New York with a noteworthy entourage.
Join the Rebbe Shlita for Shabbos davening, a Tish, Shalosh Seudos, or Melave Malka. Attend one of his shiurim or Sichos. Ask for a bracha for yourself, your children or someone else in need. Nourish your neshama with the Torah, negina and geshmak ['sweet taste'] of a Modzitzer Shabbos.
The highlight of the Rebbe Shlita’s visit will be a Shabbos spent in 3 different communities: Parshas Yisro [Feb. 9-10] - in Far Rockaway/Lawrence and Woodmere*; Parshas Mishpatim [Feb. 16-17] - at Beis Medrash Imrei Shaul (Modzitz) in Flatbush; and Parshas Teruma [Feb. 23-24] - at the Menorah Hall in Boro Park.

*Friday night Tish at the Aguda Shul of Far Rockaway; Shabbos Morning at Sha'arei Tefilla in Lawrence; and Shalosh Seudos at Aish Kodesh of Woodmere.

In addition, the Rebbe Shlita will be in Monsey for Rosh Chodesh Adar, and then in Lakewood. He will speak at numerous Yeshivos, meet with Gedolim across the spectrum, as well as meet with individuals wishing to seek his guidance, bracha and advice.

There will also be a Melave Malka at the West Side Institutional Synagogue in Manhattan, on Motzaei Shabbos Yisro; and at the Menorah Hall in Boro Park on Motzaei Shabbos Teruma.

For further details, contact the Va’ad Chassidei Modzitz of America:
Telephone: (718) 253-7006 or (718) 437-4499; or via E-mail or the Modzitz Yahoo website.

UPDATE, Feb 5th: Read about the Lineage of Beit Modzitz at the 5 Towns Jewish Times website. For the PDF file of the entire issue, check out pages 4, 40 and 44 for more on Modzitz, with pics!

Rav Lau speaks about the Koach hashirah
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