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Friday, July 14, 2006



Musicians and Breslov Chassidim jam at the Azamra Mysticism Center in the heart of Tzfat's Old City - from Arutz 7, see below

Of course, like everybody, we are all concerned about our fellow Jews in both the North and South of our beloved Eretz Yisrael. Please take out a few minutes to say a short prayer, a chapter of Tehillim [Psalms], or whatever, in whatever language you're comfortable, for our captured soldiers:

Ehud ben Malka - אהוד בן מלכה
Eldad ben Tova - אלדד בן טובה
as well as Gilad ben Aviva (in Gaza) - גלעד בן אביבה


In response to my earlier post about the Tzfas Klezmer Festival, I had the following e-mail exchange with a fellow blogger [B]:

B: Isn't it usually after 9 Av?

yitz: Yes, but this year they decided to make it BEFORE the Three Weeks. It just finished...let's hear good news!

B: Good timing! They didn't want/need the bein hazmanim crowd?

yitz: Yes, in the words of Arutz 7:
In another providential development, the three-day klezmer music festival, which saw Tzfat packed with tens of thousands of visitors, also came to a close less than 40 hours prior to the attack.
I don't know what their reasoning was. I am not privy to the thought processes of Iriyat Tzfat, sorry! But maybe Hashem was guiding them...
I might just add that not only did the Festival finish before any bombing began, but who knows how long the present war will last, perhaps it will still be with us after Tisha B'Av, Hashem yerachem [May Hashem have mercy upon us]!

SO, to top things off, Arutz Sheva has a wonderful pictorial recap of the Klezmer Festival, with audio links as well. [I've only linked to the first hour, there are more links on the Arutz 7 page].
May we all have a peaceful and restful Shabbos; may our fellow Jews in the North and South of Eretz Yisrael be safe and sound; and may ALL of our Chayalim [soldiers] ALL return safely home -- as soon as possible!
Acheinu Beis Yisrael, Hanesunim b'tzara ub'shivya...HaMakom yerachem aleichem, v'yoshi'eim* v'hotzi'eim...m'shibud l'Geula...Amen!
May our fellow Jewish Brethren, who are in distress and captivity, May the One Above have Mercy upon them, and redeem and take them out of their subjugation to Redemption, Amen!
[*note: this nusach is found in the Slonim Siddur, Magen Avraham.]

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